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The hybrid workforce has settled in for the long haul and the traditional way of doing resilience must change. Looking beyond a compliance-driven resilience program, practitioners now need to create novel ways to build engagement AND demonstrate a strong ROI in resilience to stakeholders old and new.

Due to popular demand, the Resilience industry’s most provocative webinar is back. After breaking all the rules in part one, The Big Resilience Reset Part II promises to challenge the status quo by asking the big questions. Tackling issues such as influence, engagement, workforce dynamics, what’s working and what’s not, you have the opportunity to join this year’s most raw discussions on all things resilience.


Written by James Green Last month I was fortunate enough to participate in iluminr’s “Big Resilience Reset” (You can catch a replay here) and one of the questions Marcus Vaughan asked Rina Singh and I was, “What is an indicator to know whether you are on track with your resilience program?” My answer to the...