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Written by James Green Last month I was fortunate enough to participate in iluminr’s “Big Resilience Reset” (You can catch a replay here) and one of the questions Marcus Vaughan asked Rina Singh and I was, “What is an indicator to know whether you are on track with your resilience program?” My answer to the...


No doubt, businesses everywhere are still reeling from a major resilience reckoning. Think about it: In a period of just a couple of years, we saw businesses big and small affected by a worldwide pandemic, major ransomware attacks, and large-scale supply chain failures. Those are the sort of problems that a business maybe encounters over...


As hurricane season commences, fast growing tech startups FloodMapp and Catalyst Technologies have announced a new partnership with the integration of their products NowCast and iluminr. FloodMapp, the leader in real-time flood modelling, will deliver NowCast via iluminr, a next generation critical event management platform that combines (near) real-time threat feeds with highly intuitive response and communication toolsets.