CyberWebinarsGlobal Insight Roundtable: Beyond Borders – Global Compliance Challenges


The Global Insight Roundtable Series is a dynamic seven-webinar series held biweekly, tackling the most critical issues in cybersecurity, compliance, AI risks and rewards, and sustainability. Each session features industry experts leading in-depth discussions, providing actionable insights and practical strategies to ensure your organization stays ahead in an ever-changing environment.

Beyond Borders: Global Compliance Challenges explores:

  • The complexities of international regulatory landscapes.
  • How geopolitical shifts influence global compliance strategies.
  • Stories from the trenches: Real-world examples of cross-border compliance issues.

Don’t have time to watch the replay? Listen to the podcast!

On the panel:

  • Paula Fontana – iluminr
  • Mike Geier – BDO
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