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The last several years have brought Risk and Resilience into sharp focus. Through our Gamechangers in Resilience interview series, we are sharing the compelling stories of leaders who are helping their communities thrive despite the most unexpected challenges. This February, in celebration of Black History Month, iluminr is spotlighting the contributions of leaders in our...

In today’s world of perpetual crisis, business stability can feel like a distant dream. With disruptive shocks occurring all too frequently, many companies struggle to keep up and find themselves caught unprepared. However, a new generation of leaders is driving a shift towards strategic adaptability, harnessing the power of business agility. In this new arena of business agility, Risk, Resilience, and Crisis leaders become coaches who build their team’s ability to absorb critical Context, improve Capability, and engage an agile response through Connectivity.


Growing a global resilience technology business has its pros and cons. Rather than telling you my sob story of long flights, airport delays, jet lag and soulless hotel rooms (yes, yes, cue the violin), I thought I’d reflect on a few observations that came from four weeks on the road from Australia, to the UK,...

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