InsuranceWebinarsAI Alchemy: Creating the Future of Risk and Insurance


This engaging session delves into the advanced use of AI for risk analysis, stakeholder engagement, and strategic decision-making.

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What’s covered:

  • AI for Risk Detection: Learn about the AI tools reshaping risk identification. Uncover how AI is helping teams better understand and manage risk, creating a bridge between complex data and actionable knowledge.
  • Scenario Testing Reimagined: Discover how AI is revolutionizing scenario testing, leading to more individualized and adaptable risk assessment and mitigation strategies that account for ever-changing data and trends.
  • Balancing Act – Risk vs. Reward: Understand the intricate algorithms that help weigh risk against potential rewards, aiding stakeholders in making decisions that align with their risk tolerance and strategic objectives.

Get an inside look at real-world applications of AI in insurance, from managing the risks of natural disasters to the specifics of health insurance underwriting. This session also touches on the hurdles of integrating AI, including privacy concerns and the need for transparent AI practices.

On the panel:

  • Paula Fontana – VP of Global Marketing, iluminr
  • Alex Taylor – Global Head of Emerging Technology, QBE Ventures
  • Mike Geier – Director of Forensic Data Analytics, BDO

Some key highlights from the webinar:

  • AI has the potential to transform insurance by enabling the rapid analysis of vast amounts of unstructured data, such as claims documents and ESG reports. This allows for better risk assessment and underwriting, making processes faster, more accurate and more scalable.
  • While AI tools can help identify system vulnerabilities, they can also be misused to generate exploit codes almost immediately. This increases obligations to ensure robust defenses, if AI is misused.
  • With deep fakes and realistic human exploits on the rise, teams must be trained on how to use and navigate tools in an environment where it is more difficult to ascertain truth from fiction.
  • Train your team to navigate AI threats. Bring an iluminr Microsimulation to life and select your scenario today.