Deliberate Practice as the Ultimate Resilience Builder

In today’s world of perpetual crisis, business stability can feel like a distant dream. With disruptive shocks occurring all too frequently, many companies struggle to keep up and find themselves caught unprepared. However, a new generation of leaders is driving a shift towards strategic adaptability, harnessing the power of business agility to build organizational resilience.

In this new arena of business agility, Risk, Resilience, and Crisis leaders become coaches who build their team’s ability to absorb critical Context, improve Capability, and engage an agile response through Connectivity.

These coaches observe, ask questions, and take an outsider’s perspective on the business, spotting hidden hazards, organizational vulnerabilities, and opportunities. Resilience coaches develop the people that make up the organization’s agility muscle.

Resilience coaches help the organization build Resilience muscle through deliberate practice, which involves:

  • Integrating Resilience into the operating routines of the organization
  • Prioritizing the most important scenarios to practice
  • Running simulations to assess the organization’s natural strengths
  • Breaking down key gaps and opportunities into fundamentals
  • Leveraging their understanding of the team’s capability and the unique context of the situation to drive an effective response

Join Marcus Vaughan, Darryl Cross and Andrew Owlett as they uncover gamechanging strategies and immersive techniques to make Resilience a real thing, and not a chore.

60 minutes

If you’re curious about how leaders are using iluminr to build resilience through deliberate practice, then check out the resilience engagement platform. You can even book a demo to see it in action!