Organisational ResilienceWebinarsTransforming resilience through influence and engagement

Unfortunately, most people don’t care about resilience until it’s too late.
It’s nothing personal. Fact is, research suggests that 80% of the population lives with Optimism Bias.
This creates an innate headwind for Resilience practitioners to navigate when building engagement and buy-in to resilience programs. In addition, new pressures such as increased complexity in operating environments, supply chains, and changing scrutiny from regulators and customers, place a greater demand on resilience.

Drawing from the lessons learned in supporting resilience practitioners worldwide, this presentation explores the various techniques that have proven to reignite ENGAGEMENT in resilience, navigate optimism bias and truly build resilience, organization-wide.

Key areas of discussion include:

  • Optimism bias and engagement
  • Understanding key personas and their care factors
  • Gamification
  • Carrot vs Stick

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