MicrosimulationsWebinarsProduct Masterclass: Mastering Third-Party Risk Management

The rise of third-party outsourcing and interconnected supply chains has enabled remarkable growth for businesses across industries – but it also brings heightened risks. It’s now more vital than ever to understand and manage the risks associated with third and fourth-party suppliers.

As highlighted in the 2023 Gartner Cool Vendors in Sourcing and Procurement Technology Report , Gartner recommends “leaders build an awareness of risk and resilience in their organization by proactively communicating, providing training on risk management and resilience activities, and not waiting until a disruptive event occurs.”

In this Third Party Risk Management Masterclass, we will explore how iluminr can help your team:

  • Take your third-party assessment to the next level, focusing on real response capabilities, not just what’s on paper.
  • Supercharge collaboration with your suppliers all along the value chain.
  • Develop resilience through scenario simulations and continuous learning.
  • Streamline compliance with the evidence you require.

Duration: 30 minutes

Who Should Watch this?

  • Sourcing, Procurement, and Supply Chain Professionals: Gain a deeper understanding of how to elevate your third-party assessment by measuring and building real response capabilities.
  • Risk, Resilience, and Compliance Professionals: Enhance collaboration with suppliers and prove resilience, developing response capability through scenario simulations and continuous learning.
  • Cyber and Security Experts: Strengthen your organization’s security posture and readiness in the face of an evolving severe but plausible threat landscape.
  • C-Level Executives: Understand how Microsimulations can enhance your strategic decision-making and ultimately safeguard your organization’s future.