MicrosimulationsWebinarsBoost engagement in resilience by 300%

It’s not 2019 anymore.

The workforce has changed and how you engage them on resilience requires new thinking and a new approach that fits the pace of the modern virtual operating environment.

In this interactive Microsimulation Masterclass, you will:

  • Understand key ingredients in lifting engagement in your resilience program, in the modern environment.
  • Experience an iluminr microsimulation that’s proven to reignite engagement with even the most skeptical of management teams.
  • Receive guidance in executing a successful microsimulation program.
    Get first-hand access to resilience thought leadership on building engagement in resilience.

Duration: One hour

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What attendees are saying

“I expected difficult and thought-provoking topics – it delivered. Covid and its impacts are not over. The discussion on mental health was critical. Diversity and inclusion go beyond just resilience professionals – but we can start there to improve !”

Manager of Disaster Recovery

“Good session. Keep bringing out those topics that people find hard to introduce to company leaders.”

Service Continuity Manager

“Fantastic – an excellent build upon the first one.”

MD & Executive Coach

“Exceeded the expectations. This was the first one that I participated in w/ this panel. They did an excellent job and the attendee participation was outstanding.”

Senior Resilience Analyst


Marcus Vaughan

Marcus Vaughan

Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer @Catalyst Technologies

Marcus is a Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Catalyst Technologies’ – the company behind iluminr. Working in the Risk and Resilience fields for over a decade, Marcus has an array of experience in working with organizations across all industry sectors to drive awareness and engagement in risk and resilience programs. Passionate about resilience and technology, Marcus is constantly collaborating with thought leaders both locally and abroad to innovate and drive the resilience discipline forward.

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Julian Keil

Julian Keil

Strategic Solutions Partner @iluminr

Julian Keil has worked closely with some of Australia’s largest and most trusted brands, providing solutions that help transform how organizations operate, empowering them to make smarter decisions and thrive through critical business disruptions.

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