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Business agility is essential when faced with fast-moving change. Executives are in search of solutions to alleviate the burden of sifting through an overwhelming amount of information to make effective decisions. Teams require guidance on essential response protocols while maintaining the autonomy to quickly pivot in a rapidly evolving situation. To adapt effectively, organizations must be powered by context, connectivity, and capability.

To address these challenges, iluminr is delighted to introduce its highly anticipated playbooks. Part of iluminr’s Event Room functionality, leaders can use Playbooks to provide adaptive, personalized guides for gameday in the same, familiar environment they wargame. Leveraging iluminr’s gamification and immersive design, leaders can now engage every member of their organization and provide them with the clarity and confidence to navigate uncertainty.


iluminr Playbooks


The Power of Playbooks

Playbooks come with prebuilt templates that offer teams step-by-step guidance on how to respond to a wide range of threats and events, such as cyberattacks, natural disasters, and third-party disruptions. These templates can be customized to fit the unique needs of any business, incorporating contact information for key stakeholders, protocols for employee and customer communications, and detailing the steps for restoring operations. They can be customized for any role, team, event type and just about every use case imaginable.

iluminr Playbooks

Custom and Pre-Built Playbook Templates

Build a library of playbooks and say goodbye to those old dusty ring binders. With just a few clicks, teams can easily create a collection of playbooks tailored for single roles or multiple teams, specific threat types, severity ratings, locations and activities.

Effortlessly manage response strategies by creating, merging, editing, duplicating, and filtering playbooks. This streamlined process ensures that the playbook library is always up-to-date and accessible when teams need it.

iluminr Playbook Library

Easily Activate Playbooks on Gameday

Playbooks can be easily activated directly from Event Rooms, ensuring the right people and activities are brought in at the right time, to manage the situation. This process is simple and straightforward, allowing teams to easily access the tools they need, when they need them.

Once activated, playbooks will be visible and appear on the event room dashboard. This gives teams a snapshot of progress for each playbook, including the playbook owner, tasks, and status. With this information readily available, teams can keep their eye on the ball, not on the plan.


iluminr Playbooks

Simple-to-Use Playbooks for Effective Critical Event Management

Playbooks are so simple to use, there’s no extensive training required. Whether the business is dealing with a real or simulated event, teams can activate Playbooks quickly and easily. Once activated, teams will have full access to the task and information boards, which allow them to update various details such as status, priority, task description, due dates, assignees, and documents.

When tasks are assigned to an individual, they’ll receive automatic notifications to keep them off the bench and in the game. And because Playbooks use templates, timelines will carry across automatically. Individuals can access all Playbooks via mobile devices, so they can stay connected and always-ready no matter where they are.

iluminr Playbooks

Regulatory Compliance and Auditing

During an event or simulation, Playbooks automatically audit all activities completed and gather insights on their effectiveness. This feedback can be used to identify areas that need improvement and ensure that the organization maintains compliance with regulations and standards. This iterative process helps teams to continuously build the muscle of organizational resilience, always prepared to handle any future incidents with clarity and confidence.

Go the Distance with iluminr Playbooks

When facing threats and disruptions, teams and individuals can struggle with knowing what to do and when, which can exacerbate impacts on the business. iluminr Playbooks provide personalized and adaptable response guides to ensure that teams and individuals have the direction they need come game day.

iluminr Playbooks are integrated into Event Rooms and can be used alongside Microsimulations, providing organizations with a streamlined transition from wargaming to Gameday response. This all-in-one resilience platform offers a cost-effective solution by working with existing systems or stand-alone, while simplifying the preparedness and response process.

The release of Playbooks is part of iluminr’s commitment to continuous innovation and providing more capabilities to clients, while also supporting resilience leaders to advance compliance and business agility. Contact our team today to explore how you can leverage iluminr Playbooks or register for the “Bet on it: Playbooks, Your Teams Adaptive Guide to Gameday” webinar to learn more.


Michelle Doan
iluminr Director of Marketing