The Big Resilience ResetWebinarsThe Big Resilience Reset Part 5: The Risk in Resilience

The Risk in Resilience

As organizational needs for dynamic resilience plans and tools increase to meet the ever-evolving risk landscape, the ripple of change is moving quickly from a trickle to a roar.

Accelerated by the pandemic and its persistent effects, the convergence of the disciplines and the broader business is clearly here to stay.

Nearly 4 years later:

  • What does that shift look like in organizations?
  • How are the world’s leading organizations integrating risk and resilience into mainstream business?
  • Can Risk or Compliance effectively own Resilience?
  • What does it mean when Business Continuity and Resilience are different teams?

Join James Green, Paula Fontana and Marcus Vaughan in the anniversary episode of the Big Resilience Reset as they round out the year with a discussion that’s playing on everyone’s mind: Is the mainstream ready for Risk and Resilience?

Duration: One hour

The industry’s most controversial webinar series, The Big Resilience Reset challenges the status quo by asking the big questions. Through raw, unfiltered discussions, this series breaks down business continuity and resilience as we know it, and addresses what’s working, what’s not and what needs to change to move the discipline forward.




Paula Fontana | VP of Global Marketing

Paula Fontana

VP, Global Marketing @ iluminr

Paula leads marketing and communications initiatives to bring iluminr’s vision for resilience to life. With over 20 years of extensive marketing, product and operations experience, Paula has built a career on building innovative products and experiences for high-growth brands across industry-defining tech and services companies, globally.

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Marcus Vaughan | iluminr cofounder

Marcus Vaughan

Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer @Catalyst Technologies

Marcus is a Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Catalyst Technologies’ – the company behind iluminr. Working in the Risk and Resilience fields for over a decade, Marcus has an array of experience in working with organizations across all industry sectors to drive awareness and engagement in risk and resilience programs. Passionate about resilience and technology, Marcus is constantly collaborating with thought leaders both locally and abroad to innovate and drive the resilience discipline forward.

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James Green | Illuminate Advisory

James Green

Co-Founder @ Illuminate Advisory

James Green is an advocate of intelligent risk taking, driven by the belief that risk can be a powerful tool to help organizations reach their maximum potential.
In 2020, James was named the BCI’s Continuity and Resilience Consultant of the Americas – the first to be awarded this twice. Currently, he is the co-founder of Illuminate Advisory, which inspires organizations through thought-leadership, strategic partnerships, and hands-on guidance to harness the power of risk. He is also a global co-founder of the Resilience Think Tank, which provides guidance and research to the risk industry worldwide.

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