MicrosimulationsWebinarsProduct Masterclass: Wargaming with iluminr Microsimulations

With cybercrime costs expected to reach a staggering $8 trillion in 2023, it’s not surprising to see cyber threats darting up the priority list for many organizations. This alarming trend underscores the importance of being prepared for such threats. A recent industry forum poll revealed a concerning readiness gap in facing emerging cyber threats, like AI deepfakes, which can significantly disrupt operations.

Recognizing this challenge, this interactive Product Masterclass takes a unique approach. We’re excited to demonstrate how iluminr Microsimulations – an alternative to tabletop exercises, can be a game-changer in preparing an effective response to cyberattacks. These Microsimulations allow teams to simulate immersive cyber threat scenarios, offering a practical, hands-on experience in wargaming a response to a cyberattack. By engaging in these simulated exercises, participants can better understand their roles, identify weaknesses in their current strategies, and improve their overall readiness against such threats.