WebinarsGame On: A Winning Playbook for Risk and Compliance

Risk-savvy and compliant operations require a strategic approach, effective teamwork, and the ability to navigate challenges with agility.

Watch this webinar to explore how scenario planning, microsimulations, and playbooks can empower organizations to become risk and compliance champions.

The expert panel draws parallels from the world of sports to demonstrate how game-based methodologies and immersive technology can help you tackle obstacles to building more consistent operations, strengthen your risk and compliance game plan, and stay ahead of vulnerabilities.

Get ready to elevate your Risk and Compliance program to new heights and score a decisive victory in the realm of regulatory adherence.

Key topics covered:

  • Building Your Risk and Compliance Strategy: Learn how to develop a comprehensive risk and compliance game plan by leveraging scenario testing, microsimulations, and playbooks.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Discover the importance of effective collaboration between different departments and stakeholders to ensure a unified approach toward managing risk and compliance.
  • Adapting to Changing Rules: Explore how scenario testing enables you to anticipate and respond to evolving regulatory landscapes.
  • Simulating Real-World Scenarios: Understand the power of microsimulations in replicating complex threats and compliance scenarios, allowing you to practice and refine your responses.
  • Creating Playbooks for Response: Learn how to develop playbooks that provide clear guidelines and predefined actions to enhance decision-making during fast-moving and novel threats, as well as compliance challenges.
  • Enhancing a Risk-Aware and Compliance Culture: Discover strategies to foster a risk-savvy and connected culture within your organization, where context becomes second nature to every employee.

On the panel:

  • Paula Fontana – VP, Global Marketing | iluminr
  • James Green – Cofounder | Illuminate Advisory
  • Andrea Eklund – SVP Chief Compliance Officer | UnityPoint Health

Duration: 60 minutes