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Every day is game day.

So how can leaders lift their companies to the next frontier of agility – not only to survive but also thrive?
Train like the pros and deliver the context, capability, and connectivity for adaptation that builds your organization’s resilient stance.

iluminr Playbooks enable your organization to drive the cycle of continuous discovery, learning, and agility necessary to be alert to what is over the horizon, prepared to withstand shocks, and ready to accelerate into the next reality.

Join iluminr Founder and CEO Joshua Shields, Technologist and Industry Advisor, Mike Geier, and Risk and Resilience Leader, Donna Speckhard, as they demonstrate iluminr’s latest innovation that brings Response to life.

Duration: One hour

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Joshua Shields | iluminr Cofounder & CEO

Joshua Shields
Co-Founder & CEO @ iluminr

A founder with more than 20 years of industry experience, Joshua is passionate about developing cutting-edge technologies and strategies to help businesses thrive through disruptions. His unique perspective on risk and resilience has played a pivotal role in shaping iluminr, which has transformed the way organizations operate during disruptive events. As a co-founder and Joint Managing Director of RiskLogic and FirstAction, global leaders in the organizational resilience market, Joshua successfully drove 15 years of year-on-year growth, culminating in a successful exit in 2019. Today, he remains committed to helping organizations overcome challenges and seize opportunities in an ever-changing threat landscape.

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Donna Speckhard

Donna Speckhard

Senior Risk and Resilience Lead @ Fannie Mae

Donna is a published thought leader with a passion for operational risk and resilience, holding several certifications in these areas. In her years as a consultant, she learned to use gamification activities, microsimulations, and other tools to coach organizations through large and complex challenges. Donna is a creative problem solver, with extensive cross-functional expertise in supporting financial services, hospitality, Federal, State, and local governments and NGOs.

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Mike Geier | Technologist, Risk and Resilience Innovator

Mike Geier

Director, Forensic Data Analytics @ BDO

As the Director of Forensic Data Analytics at BDO, Mike has a demonstrated history of working in the SaaS industry. With his expertise in Business Process Architecture, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), IT Strategy and Management, Mike has established himself as a skilled operations professional. Mike is passionate about delivering innovative solutions and leveraging data analytics to help organizations drive growth and navigate complex challenges.

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