Product Updates

March 2023 Releases

🎁 Playbooks

  • Playbooks replace action plans but come with loads more functionality.
    How do I access my new Playbooks
  • Playbooks empower response through easy-to-follow guidance and actions for any role, team, event type, and just about every use case imaginable.
    Get to know Playbook templates
  • Activated playbooks will appear on the event room dashboard, providing you with a snapshot of their progress, including playbook owner, number of tasks, and status.
    Activating and using a Playbook
  • Easily access playbooks that are relevant to you. If you’re on the communications team, simply select the communications playbook and see what tasks have been assigned to you.
    Explore the different types of Playbooks
  • All playbooks are responsive and can be accessed via mobile, and through our new direct links.

🎁 Vertical menu

  • Automatically collapses to provide more screen space, and can be pinned open.
    Explore the new Vertical Menu
  • Provides instant access to the Threats, Event rooms and Communications modules.
  • Expands Libraries to enable access to microsimulations, playbooks, people, assets, templates, threats and documents.
  • Expands Resources to provide access to the Knowledge base and help.
  • Expands your Profile picture for user access and information.

🎁 Direct links

  • Received an email or SMS to participate in a Microsimulation or active event? Those links will now take you directly to the specific room, playbook or Microsimulation.
    Using Direct Links
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