My Microsimulation Experience

Designed for financial institutions aiming to meet CPS 230, these Microsimulations are crafted to help you build the response capability of your team and critical third parties, as well as fresh approaches for demonstrating resilience to regulators and customers.

Cross-Strait Crisis: Supply Chain Turbulence

Scenario: Amid escalating tensions between two major economic powers, tariffs and trade barriers are suddenly imposed, severely impacting global supply chains.

Objective: Strategic decision-making under pressure, maintaining supply chain integrity and ensuring continual delivery of critical services.

Trapped: Modern Slavery in the Supply Chain

Scenario: A leading technology supplier is embroiled in a modern slavery scandal, with allegations of human trafficking, forced labor and debt bondage.

Objectives: Evaluate third-party risks and implications, and ensuring Continuity of Critical Operations

Fairplay: Navigating the Maze of AI-Bias in Critical Services

Scenario: An AI system used in financial applications is found to exhibit racial and gender bias.

Objectives: Foster a deeper awareness of Important Business Service / Critical Operations Tolerance Thresholds against the backdrop of emerging threats.

Breached: Mobilising Response to an Intellectual Property Leak

Scenario: Sensitive company information has been discovered on ChatGPT, but highly confidential data surfaces on wormGPT.

Objectives: Strengthening incident response and identifying contingency strategies for critical operations / important business services.