Mediailuminr and Control Risks Forge Alliance to Revolutionize Risk, Resilience, and Compliance Training for Executive and Operational Teams

iluminr and Control Risks alliance offers a scalable blueprint for building critical response capability globally.


Sydney & London, January 30, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — iluminr, the trailblazer in building response capability and demonstrating compliance through gamification, today announced they have partnered with Control Risks, the global specialist risk consultancy. This alliance heralds a new era for resilience engagement, offering a scalable blueprint for navigating uncertainty worldwide with unmatched precision and insight.

The fusion of iluminr’s pioneering gamification techniques with Control Risks’ seasoned advisory prowess promises an immersive training experience. These bespoke capabilities are not just about crisis response—they’re about cultivating a truly resilient organization, fortified against the unpredictabilities of the global risk landscape.

Joshua Shields, Co-founder and CEO of iluminr, states,

“Our partnership with Control Risks is no less than a redefinition of organizational resilience. Together, we’re crafting a new standard for crisis readiness, transforming potential vulnerabilities into opportunities through adaptive response capability.”

The partnership’s flagship offerings are:

Response Capability Building and Continuous Learning: A holistic service fortifying every crisis response layer, perpetually aligned with evolving corporate strategy and risk landscapes.

Board and Executive Microsimulations: High-stakes scenarios crafted for the C-suite to sharpen strategic responses and decision-making agility, ensuring leadership remains several steps ahead in crisis foresight and action.

Operational Team Tabletops and Simulations: Real-world crisis scenarios combined with cutting-edge Microsimulation technology, designed to hone the reflexes of operational teams in a variety of response situations.

Customized Testing Programs: Bespoke crisis management scenarios created in collaboration with clients, addressing unique organizational needs and risk landscapes for a truly tailored simulation and exercise experience.

Mark Shortman, Partner and Regional Head of Crisis and Security Practice APAC at Control Risks, adds,

“Our collaboration will deliver hands-on response and continuous learning capability. The synthesis of iluminr’s technology-centric approach with our client endorsed resilience strategies equips businesses to thrive amidst the complexities of the modern risk environment.”

For more details on our collaborative offerings and to see how your organization can scale up compliance, respond to incidents efficiently, and foster continuous learning in disruption, contact us at the channels listed below.


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About iluminr

iluminr transforms how teams build response capability. Its cloud platform boosts involvement in risk management and strengthens your team’s ability to adapt quickly to changes. Here’s how iluminr supports your organization:

Microsimulations and Interactive Tabletops: Condensed, 15-minute interactive simulations that create impactful learning moments and enhance preparedness. They fit easily into daily routines, keeping response skills sharp year-round and meeting compliance needs.

Critical Event Management Rooms: Make smart decisions during a crisis with tools that help you assess situations, collaborate on digital whiteboards, and execute response plans with automated instructions in familiar workspaces such as Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Mass Notifications: Send urgent alerts fast across everyday communication channels. The easy-to-use system requires no training, integrates seamlessly, and provides real-time updates and feedback through a central dashboard.

Threat Intelligence: Stay ahead of threats like extreme weather or power outages with global monitoring and automatic alerts, helping you inform stakeholders swiftly and prevent situations from worsening.


About Control Risks

Control Risks is a specialist global risk consultancy that helps to create secure, compliant and resilient organizations in an age of ever-changing risk. Working across disciplines, technologies and geographies, everything we do is based on our belief that taking risks is essential to our clients’ success. We provide our clients with the insight to focus resources and ensure they are prepared to resolve the issues and crises that occur in any ambitious global organization. We go beyond problem-solving and provide the insights and intelligence needed to realize opportunities and grow. Visit us online at


Media Contact:

Paula Fontana

VP, Global Marketing, iluminr

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