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Across 2020, organizations worldwide have seen sharp increases in the number of teams working across multiple locations due to COVID-19. Expected to increase again during the upcoming holiday season—with few skeleton staff working on-site—how can crisis response teams better monitor for potential threats and action crisis or incident response plans to keep their people and business assets safe?

Exploring the use of digital tools, Catalyst Technologies looks at how we can automate our threat alert and response plans while working remotely to better manage today’s multiple threat environment.

Managing Multiple Critical Events

Crisis Response Plans When Away From the Office

At an expert-led panel during Catalyst Technologies’ 2020 iluminr week, industry leaders from Johns Hopkins University, Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance, and RiskLogic discussed today’s newly emerged multiple critical event environment.

No longer limited to once-off, time limited events, 2020 proved that organizations worldwide have had to respond to—and can expect to continue to do so—public health events, natural disasters, supply chain disruptions, and more.

Knowing that crisis response teams have historically prepared for infrequent, short-term events, the ability for all industries to shift and be able to adapt to competing priorities was clear.

Sharing insights into how crisis response teams can better prepare a dynamic and flexible critical event strategy, our experts highlighted that all teams should now be able and prepared to:

1. Be adaptable. Organizations need to be able to quickly respond and re-prioritize in the face of multiple events.

2. Respond with confidence. What an organization does before an event will influence how well they navigate a crisis.

3. Re-assess their supply chain. Supply chains will continue to show fragility in 2021, with some being exposed to the global prioritization of COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

4. Accept that ongoing reassessment and contingency planning is key.

Knowing that adaptability, preparedness, and the ability to reprioritize with ease are needed to best manage multiple critical events, how can organizations embed these strategies into their response plans? Using third generation SaaS technology.

Third Generation Technology: How to Automate Your Crisis Response

To better monitor for potential threats and stay connected with distributed teams during escalating critical events, crisis response teams can rely on third generation SaaS technology tools to automate their first response plan.

With two-way communication functions, the ability to integrate with everyday workplace apps, and SMS polling options to triage remote situations, crisis management plans can leverage third gen SaaS tech to get the 21st century uplift they deserve.

Automating Crisis Response Plans in 2020

How would this third gen SaaS tech solution look in action? Let’s take a look at a potential flood event; a crisis response team based in Melbourne sets up an active threat monitoring system to receive alerts about potential threats in in Melbourne, Sydney, and Hobart.

With key decision makers having received an alert notification about an escalating flood in Victoria, an integrated third generation SaaS technology solution would allow the crisis response team to:

1. Receive ongoing, up-to-date intelligence about the escalating event,

2. Communicate with site-based personnel about the threat and deliver first response actions (including an impact assessment or evacuation orders),

3. Deliver consistent messages to distributed teams informing them about the situation and first steps needed to best navigate the event, and,

4. Send out an SMS poll to all site-based and remote workers to triage location, safety, and critical event awareness.

Having never logged into a new tech application—instead, relying on synced everyday apps like MS Teams to deliver and receive information—the crisis response team and their community can stay up-to-date about an unfolding event.

With additional options to deliver key action items and workflows to all project teams, third gen tech SaaS tools can create an integrated intelligence, communication, and How To Automate Your Emergency Response Plan.

Need to uplift your crisis response plan to better prepare for escalating events?

Third generation SaaS technology can streamline your first steps and keep your team connected during a critical event. With key features to streamline threat intelligence and communication plans, iluminr’s active threat monitoring system can help your team best respond.

All registered iluminr users gain access to expert-led on-demand sessions exploring multiple critical event management and how to build a dynamic response plan. Interested in keeping your people and places safe? Adopt third generation SaaS technology solutions into your first response program today.