SYDNEY, NSW AND DENVER, CO March 13, 2023. iluminr, the platform that brings Agility to life through gamified engagement, today released iluminr Playbooks. Playbooks are a powerful tool that allow businesses to create adaptive, personalized, step-by-step strategies that engage boards, executives, risk, resilience, crisis, and front-line teams in responding to events of all kinds. Companies...


iluminr Microsimulations was awarded for its innovative approach to helping practitioners deliver a more effective business continuity and resilience program. Deployed as bite-sized simulations, Microsimulations are assisting the growth and influence of resilience by modernizing the traditional approach of experiential learning (tabletop exercises) into the time-poor and complex modern-day environment.


As hurricane season commences, fast growing tech startups FloodMapp and Catalyst Technologies have announced a new partnership with the integration of their products NowCast and iluminr. FloodMapp, the leader in real-time flood modelling, will deliver NowCast via iluminr, a next generation critical event management platform that combines (near) real-time threat feeds with highly intuitive response and communication toolsets.