iluminr week 2020

Thriving through the emerging threats of 2021

Duration: One hour

Expert Panellists:

Professor Nigel McMillan
Program Director (Infectious Diseases and Immunology)
Menzies Institute

Jason Thewlis
Group Head of Business Continuity

Simon Petie
Escalate Consulting

Marcus Vaughan

Marcus Vaughan
Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer
Catalyst Technologies

As COVID-19 continues to shape how our societies operate globally, new threats are emerging. This session explores unique perspectives on key emerging threats of 2021 and considerations for organizations to evolve their operations, and embed a dynamic approach to risk and preparedness.

We deep dive into our new normal and the compounding critical events that come with it, the importance of bringing flexibility and new approaches to manage these ongoing events, and the importance of ensuring people are physically and mentally resilient against crisis paralysis.