The Texas Deep Freeze:
Managing Unprecedented Disruptions

On the panel:

Alex Quintela | PenFed Credit Union

Alex Quintela
PenFed Credit Union

Benjamin Korson | City of Dallas

Benjamin Korson
City of Dallas

Marcus Vaughan

Marcus Vaughan
Catalyst Technologies

In February 2021, a series of winter storms placed Texas into a state of deep freeze, causing more than $100 billion in damage and economic losses, and an unprecedented disruption to service, communities and organizations state wide.

To assist Emergency and Risk Management professionals prepare for unprecedented events like the Texas Deep Freeze, our co-founder Marcus Vaughan explored some of the key lessons learnt from those who were managing the event in real-time.

Joining Marcus were:

  • Benjamin Korson, Senior Emergency Coordinator, City of Dallas
  • Alex Quintela, Operational Resiliency Program Manager, Pentagon Federal Credit Union

This 45-minute live webinar captured:

  • The Texas Deep Freeze event, as it unfolded
  • Key lessons from managing the situation up-close and from afar
  • Considerations for building resilience

This webinar will benefit Risk, Business Continuity, Disaster Resilience and Emergency professionals globally, drawing out key lessons in resilience from first hand experience. Attendees also had the unique opportunity to ask the panel questions to assist them prepare for the next unprecedented event.