Building cyber awareness and capability in business continuity

In the first half of 2021, cyber-attacks increased globally by 23%, with ransomware attacks surging by 93% against the same period last year*. Supply chain attacks such as the Solar Winds event highlight that the breadth of exposure extends far beyond an organization’s internal digital ecosystem.

While significant investment continues to pour into cybersecurity measures to combat threats, staff awareness and continuity response capability remain key opportunities for organizations large and small.

To help organizations strengthen cyber resilience capability, iluminr hosted a free 45-minute masterclass where attendees learned from world-leading risk and resilience experts on:

  • Current trends and losses for cyber threats in the US and worldwide.
  • Key observations for Risk and Resilience teams to prepare for and respond to cyber threats.
  • Live demonstration of three cyber microsimulations that will assist in building awareness and response preparedness at all levels of the organization.

*Cyber Attack Trends Mid-Year Report 2021, Check Point