This webinar will benefit Risk, Business Continuity, Disaster Resilience and Emergency professionals globally, drawing out key lessons in resilience from first hand experience responding to the unprecedented disruption caused by the severe winter weather event in Texas.


As the world slowly moves to align to a carbon neutral economy by 2050, organisations continue to grapple with “unprecedented” weather events disrupting complex supply chains and operations subsequently causing uninsurable financial impacts into the hundreds of billions of dollars. This webinar explores the changing exposure of physical climate risk, the changing face of our operating environment and looks at strategies to evolve organisational resilience to manage future events.


Hear from the founders of Catalyst Technologies as they discuss how the unprecedented complexity of recent continuous disruptions has forced rapid digital transformation, and why organizations now need to consider adopting 3rd generation digital toolsets to take their response capabilities to the next level.


As COVID-19 continues to shape how our societies operate globally, new threats are emerging. This webinar explores unique perspectives on key emerging threats of 2021 and considerations for organizations to evolve their operations, and embed a dynamic approach to risk and preparedness.


Hear from the panel as they deep dive into the unique lessons learnt from COVID-19 response and debriefs, natural disaster response during previous La Niña years, and lessons from the USA’s hurricane season, wildfire season and COVID-19 outbreaks.