ComplianceMicrosimulationsWebinarsProduct Masterclass: Enhancing Compliance Strategies with Microsimulations


In this Masterclass, we challenge the conventional approach that places scenario testing in the final stages of the compliance journey. We will reveal how scenario testing solutions such as Microsimulations, can be leveraged at multiple points to meet compliance requirements, while enhancing risk awareness and resilience.

Our experts demonstrates the dynamic nature of scenario planning and testing, illustrating their role throughout the compliance process, and explore practical applications of Microsimulations that support:

  • Evaluating, defining and understanding critical operations
  • Operationalisation of strategies and rigorous testing of their robustness
  • Learning and continuous improvement by extracting valuable lessons and insights from each Microsimulation, and further embedding continuous improvement into compliance practices.

Viewers will discover strategies for effectively integrating Microsimulations early and often, ensuring a more robust and proactive approach to meeting standards like Operational Resilience, DORA, and APRA’s CPS 230.

Watch the Masterclass to explore how you can transform your compliance strategy with Microsimulations, making your resilience programs more effective and engaging from the start.

On the panel:

  • Rachael Fisher – iluminr
  • Michelle Doan – iluminr
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