CommunicationsComplianceWebinarsBreaking Barriers: Transforming Communication in Compliance and Risk Management


Unlock the potential of nontraditional communication methods in this innovative webinar designed for professionals grappling with the complexities of compliance, risk management, resilience, and privacy.

What you will take away:

  • Integrating various media: Discover strategies for combining memes, microsimulations, short videos, comics, and storytelling to create a rich, multi-faceted approach to communication. Learn how each format can play a role in simplifying complex ideas and making them accessible.
  • Creating compelling content: Master the art of crafting content that catches attention and retains interest. From the humor and relatability of memes to the immersive experience of microsimulations and the narrative appeal of storytelling and comics, learn how to choose the right tool for the right context.
  • Best practices for professional settings: Explore the dos and don’ts of using unconventional media, including how to navigate the potential pitfalls of humor in professional communications, and ensure your message is both effective and appropriate.
  • Real-World applications and case studies: Analyze examples where nontraditional methods have successfully transformed communication in dry or complex fields. Gain actionable insights that you can apply directly to your work.

Why watch?
This webinar is packed with practical strategies and innovative ideas that will revolutionize the way you communicate complex information. Whether you’re looking to make your content more engaging or simply more understandable, this session offers the tools and insights you need.

Watch the replay now and take your professional communication to the next level!

Don’t have time to watch the replay? Listen to the podcast!

On the panel:

  • Paula Fontana – iluminr
  • Alan Wilemon – INQ Consulting
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