WebinarsResilient Futures: iluminr’s 2024 Roadmap for Human-AI Capability

Before pressing play, prepare to engage in a playful challenge: “Identify the Real vs. the Deepfake!”

As iluminr co-founders Joshua Shields and Marcus Vaughan introduces the webinar, keep your eyes peeled because they might not be exactly who they appear to be. Thanks to the magic of deep fakes, we’ve added a cheeky twist to see if you can distinguish the real Josh and Marcus from their digital doppelgangers. It’s all in good fun and serves as a perfect segue into the innovative and transformative world that iluminr is ushering in for 2024 and beyond.

For a smoother viewing experience, here are the key moments marked with timestamps:

  • How AI is accelerating the threat landscape – 00:05:27
  • AI Exposures – 00:12:40
  • Changing regulations – 00:21:49
  • Building Capability at scale + Microsimulation Demo – 00:30:15
  • Challenges to building capability – 00:43:00
  • iluminr feature roadmap – 00:50:00

Key Themes:

  • Building Capability with Immersive Microsimulations & Interactive Tabletops: Dive into the world of Microsimulations and interactive tabletops as Josh and Marcus demonstrate how iluminr is pushing the boundaries of immersive learning. Discover how these immersive and engaging experiences are transforming the way organizations train for change. Learn how you can leverage these simulations to create realistic scenarios that prepare your team for real-world disruption
  • Harnessing AI for Enhanced Operational Resilience: Marcus and Josh will unveil iluminr’s innovative strategy leveraging AI to strengthen operational resilience. Discover how AI-powered testing will revolutionize response training and development, allowing for more effective simulations of severe but plausible scenarios. Marcus and Josh will discuss continuous learning in risk, security, and compliance, and how teams of the future will leverage AI to help continuously refine and enhance organizational response strategies and adaptation.
  • Leveraging Gamification for Organizational Resilience: Gamification isn’t just for entertainment; it’s a powerful tool for learning and engagement. In this thought-provoking session, learn about iluminr’s plans to harness gamification techniques to map, understand, and manage your business’s resilience posture. Get insights into how game mechanics can build efficiency, engagement, and buy-in for your resilience efforts.

Benefits of watching:

▪️ Gain firsthand insights from the visionaries behind iluminr.
▪️ Learn about cutting-edge technologies reshaping organizational learning and resilience.
▪️ Receive exclusive access to iluminr’s 2024 roadmap and future plans.


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