Mediailuminr Named 2023 Op Risk Innovation of the Year by

Last week, iluminr took home top honors for Innovation of the Year in’s Risk Technology Awards

It’s the first time we’ve come away with hardware from the awards, after winning BCI’s Innovation Award in 2022

It goes without saying that being recognized by a respected thought leadership community like is a serious achievement that we’re all proud of.

But there’s something extra special about iluminr’s game-changing solution being recognized within our industry, the engine behind it: our learning culture. 



iluminr’s culture in four words: Courageous, Curious, Compassionate, Considerate

From day one, our co-founders Josh and Marcus set the tone for iluminr’s culture. 

That same tone continues to echo nearly half a decade later. And in a time of unparalleled change, we believe these values are the bedrock of Resilience.

These tenets drive everything we do, including the innovation we bring to life with the community.



Don’t be beige

Challenging the status quo fosters risk-awareness and resilience. By questioning norms, we acknowledge potential risks and become more adaptable. This mindset cultivates continuous improvement, innovation, and the ability to navigate uncertainty with strength. Embracing change builds resilience and prepares us all for a more resilient future.



Always curious

Embracing curiosity cultivates agility. By maintaining a constant sense of wonder, we actively seek knowledge and understanding. This mindset empowers us to recognize potential risks, adapt to change, and navigate challenges with resilience. Curiosity fuels our growth, fosters innovation, and equips us to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

Champions for good

We believe in the power of advocacy, compassion, and resilience to create a positive impact in the world. We stand up for what is right, striving to address social issues, promote inclusivity, and fight against injustice. Our unwavering commitment drives us to overcome obstacles and maintain hope in the face of adversity. By actively working towards positive change and inspiring others to join us, we aim to foster a more compassionate and equitable society. We believe that every act of kindness and every step towards creating a better world matters.



Walk in others’ shoes

Empathy expands our understanding of diverse experiences and challenges. By immersing ourselves in others’ perspectives, we become more attuned to the risks they encounter and the resilience required to overcome them. This broader awareness equips us all with the adaptability needed to navigate uncertainties and setbacks, fostering our individual and collective resilience in the face of adversity.


Bringing risk-awareness and resilience to life

It’s been an incredible year for us here at iluminr, and there’s much more to come for the rest of 2023.

To our cherished community of customers, supporters, and advocates, thanks for believing in and inspiring us every day, empowering organizations to thrive through change with clarity and confidence.

Want to learn more about iluminr’s award-winning solution helping organizations around the world build a more risk-savvy, resilient, and agile culture? Check out our recent product webinar or save your seat for our upcoming session Game On: A Winning Playbook for Risk and Compliance.




Paula Fontana

VP, Global Marketing