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Navigating Compliance and Resilience with Technology-Driven Scenario Exercises

As regulatory landscapes continue to evolve, the critical role of technology in compliance and operational resilience becomes more apparent. Beyond testing and plan validation, technological solutions are becoming integral throughout the compliance process. They empower organizations to conduct regular exercises that prepare them for disruptions while also enhancing governance, clarifying roles and responsibilities, and ensuring...

5 key Insights and Priorities for CPS 230 Compliance

  The recent Forefront CPS 230 Summit in NSW gathered financial services leaders specialising in risk and resilience. With discussions centered around the robust planning and nuanced implementation of the CPS 230 framework, the event highlighted diverse compliance stages. While some organisations have already “baked their cake” by aligning with international standards, they now face...

Emergency Notifications: A Critical Ingredient to PSPF

As organisations worldwide grapple with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, localised threats from protests to severe weather continue to challenge security and safety professionals to keep employees safe whether they are working from home or onsite. Whilst organisations may consider adopting an emergency notification system to improve stakeholder communication, ongoing costs and budget pressures are often significant barriers to acquiring a system. Fortunately, with the Australian Government release of the Protective Security Framework (PSPF), security and safety professionals can now justify the adoption of an emergency notification system to protect people and assets, thus complying with the physical security outcome of the PSPF.